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Dual Token Economy

MVNS is the governance token

  • It can be used for trading all NFTs on the Marketplace.
  • Voting on Proposals
  • Liquidity provider for $VNS
  • Staking
  • Is deflationary through the token burn
    • Transaction Tax
      • Buy: 0%
      • Sell: 12%
        • LiquidityFee = 6%
        • TreasuryFee = 2%
        • insuranceFundFee = 2%
        • blackHoleFee = 2%

VNS is the in-app reward token

Therefore any rewards accumulated as a result of a physical activity recorded on the app. will be provided in $VNS tokens. These tokens can be used to unlock higher-level benefits to maximize earning potential. For example, this can include access to purchase booster NFTs from the in-app. Marketplace. Therefore the two token systems are designed to elevate the user experience while enabling higher reward potential.
  • Buy booster NFTs: you can spend your $VNS to buy booster NFTs, giving a massive boost to an exercise session!
  • Quests: While most quests will be free to start and complete, some premium quests can be unlocked using $VNS
  • Events and tournaments: Participate in local and global events or tournaments using your $VNS.