How are my steps / kcal / earnings calculated?
MOVENS uses the technology in your phone to determine the steps you took. As an example: enabling MOVENS while in the car does show the distance you traveled, but you won't be rewarded with tokens. Running in place on a treadmill rewards you with tokens, as you were moving
Which forms of exercise are currently supported?
In the current Alpha Beta version, MOVENS supports running. This can be done either outside, or on a treadmill. Phase 2 of the roadmap will add the support for any form of exercise!
When does the burned kcal limit reset?
To support you in engaging in a healthy lifestyle, we encourage our community to have longer workout sessions. One way of doing this is by having a cooldown on the daily rewards, which will last for 20 hours after your last rewards claim. Make the best use of this! Prepare a session, get moving, claim your rewards and take your rest to prepare for your next session!
Do I need to keep the app running while working out?
YES! MOVENS is capable to run in the background, with your phone locked, to minimize impact on battery life. However, if you (force) close the app during a session without claiming rewards, the session will be invalid.

Tokens, Blockchain, Transactions

What are the main token use cases for $MVNS?
$MVNS can be obtained by buying it on one of the exchanges or by trading $VNS for $MVNS
  • Use $MVNS to buy/trade booster NFT's
  • Unlock codes to hand out to your friends and help them get moving
  • Vote on proposals
  • Liquidity provider for $VNS
What are the main token use cases for $VNS?
$VNS can be obtained as reward for moving. You can also trade your $MVNS for $VNS
  • Use $VNS to buy/trade booster NFT's
  • Use $VNS to unlock (premium) quests and missions
  • Use $VNS to participate in events and unlock boost zones
  • More use cases will be added!
How do $MNVNS and $VNS work together?
In short, you need $MVNS to get access to the app and gain a tier to determine your daily rewards. $VNS can be used to enhance your MOVENS experience, mint NFT's or you can trade it for $MVNS to solidify your rewards
Can I change my account to a new wallet?
You can change your wallet address by unstaking your staked tokens, transfering them to a new wallet, and stake them again. Please note, an unstake tax might be in place.
Keep in mind:
  • You have to manually transfer any tokens to your new wallet
  • You have to manually transfer your NFT's to your new wallet
  • Your history, achivements, rewards (etc.) will not be transfered to your new wallet