MOVENS Whitepaper

Earning Cap

Solo Mode Earning Cap

Solo Mode has both a Daily Energy Cap and Daily Token Cap. These limits restrict the amount of Energy and tokens that users can have per day.
  1. 1.
    Total Energy
  2. 2.
    Sneaker (Type, Accessories )
How to calculate the rewards
*x + y: Constant Number set by Dev
*Steps: number of steps that users can take within 40 minutes.
*Bonus: each sneaker type has a different bonus point.
*Efficiency Value: the higher the rare level is, the higher the efficiency value


Based on the above formula, users can easily find out the way to maximize their rewards. One single factor can affect the reward value.
  • Steps: the more steps you take, the higher rewards you get. However, they should not be over the limit stated for each sneaker type. In order to do that, remember to select a suitable sneaker type.
  • Bonus: The bonus point is varied for each sneaker type. Specifically, the max bonus will be 100-250 for walking, jogger, sprinter and athlete sneaker in order. Pay attention to the steps in can take because if you cannot reach the minimum steps, the optimization rate will be deducted.