MOVENS Whitepaper

Game Modes

Solo Players
Before starting, Player must choose the Sneakers they will use. System will count the number of steps you take and convert it into a $VNS. Energy is needed to earn $VNS. Every 1 Energy equals 10 minutes of movement.
Boss Battle
Monsters will spawn once every 12 hours with different amounts of HP. system will automatically convert the steps you collect and calculate them as damage. Players will be given one ticket daily to participate in the Boss Battle.
Get your Crown
In specific Locations, the Crown will Spawn. Additionally, the Crown has different tiers and has an extra cooldown time when unlocked based on that tier.
Using the MMORPG algorithm, the system will bring players together randomly according to their NFT attributes. Players can choose how many steps they will compete in. The reward will vary based on the number of steps they choose.